What Camera Do You Use

The question I am asked the most is what camera do you use. Do you shoot Canon? What do you think about the new Sony system?  Is Nikon better than Canon? I am here to tell you that the camera you use in most cases means absolutely nothing.  What matters is your creativity .  You see almost anyone can take a picture, and with today’s technology its almost impossible to take a technically “bad” photo.  Years ago we had to pay attention to the details, to the correct exposure matrix, to ensure that our images were technically sound. Today we are freed from these worries. Even the most rudimentary camera phone can give pretty decent results. So what do we have left? We have our creativity. We have our imagination. These are things that are not found in the body of a camera regardless the make or brand. 

At the end of the day regardless of its technology a camera is just a box that records light. Some boxes are better light recorders than others. I like to compare them to cars. A Toyota and a Ferrari will both get you to your destination. One has more bells and whistles, a bigger sensor, more mega pixels, but it’s still a blank canvas that needs the artist to give it life. 

Montez Kerr is a renown portrait and landscape  photographer and his work can be viewed  at the following online gallery at - Montez Kerr

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