Independence Junkanoo Rush out

After 2 years of lock downs due the COVID pandemic people were bursting with anticipation and on this 49th year day of independence  it all erupted on Bay Street in Nassau, The Bahamas.  Junkanoo for the Bahamas is the life blood of our cultural expression . It has been passed down from our African ancestors and today it is the premier expression of what it is to be  a Bahamian. Traditionally it is celebrated at the end of  the year during the Christmas festivities. This time however Bahamians took to the streets to celebrate the birth of nation.  Dressed in the colors of the flag, aquamarine, gold and black and with the beat of the drum the people danced in the streets. They were fueled by patriotism and the energy from the crowd.

From the street the bass of the drum echoed through out Rawson Square followed by the sweet harmony of the trumpets.  The crowd rose with anticipation because they knew the time had come.  The dancers took their positions like soldiers preparing for battle, with  sweat pouring down their faces from the summer heat.  Then from somewhere deep in the crowd someone yelled ” They comin’”. From the point on the gates were unshackled and the flood of music, dancers and color were unleashed on Bay Street. All those of years of waiting had finally come to an end. Its as if the stars had aligned perfectly . A celebration of freedom , independence and patriotism all on this hot summer night.

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