City in Motion

The City that never sleeps. I love the energy of this city. It has a beat all of its own. A life blood that is always in hyper drive. For this story board I wanted the viewer to feel the frenzy of the city. Its relentless, like a drug addict on an infinite high. Its always twitching uncontrollably looking for its next fix. This in my mind is New York City. It will seduce you with its wilds, but ultimately it will kill you with its excess. 

Just before the COVID pandemic broke I had made plans to visit NYC. I had planned to spend a week in the hustle and bustle of the city. Then the news broke about the rapid spread of the Corona virus and how the city’s health professionals were battling against this invisible but deadly enemy. As I watched the news I was amazed to see the streets were now basically empty, that the frenzy had been replaced with an eerie silence. 

Thankfully the city was able to eventually get a handle on the spread on the virus. It was a painful thing to watch. Hopefully I will be able to make that trip to NYC in 2021. I will once again to experience the  frenetic energy of the city the never sleeps - New York City

This is my tribute the NYC - City in Motion

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