All Roads Lead Albany

Recently my family and I drove from Raleigh, North Carolina to Albany, New York. It was a 5 day trip which consisted of 4 flights, a Dodge van, 4 hotels stays, 6 states(North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York)and approximately 650 miles. We spent the bulk of our time navigating I-87 North. It was the month of January and needless to say it was extremely cold. As we drove I began to appreciate the almost ethereal beauty of the frozen and ice covered landscape.

The story being told is one of texture and mood. The shadows are where story begins ending their tales with shimmers of light. Coming from a country that is perennially rich in color this was a beautiful experiment. I also was able to experience the softer side of the cold

A landscape void of intense color forces one to appreciate the art of pure simplicity and lines.

We visited the Empire State Plaza where children and adults laughed with joy as they glided and fell on the ice rink. 

  The main character of this tip however was the open road. There is a feeling of endless possibilities and excitement. For many of us we need a break from the mundane existence. We need a reminder that life can still be an adventure

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