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  1. Composition is key in your photography

    2023-11-15 07:13:53 UTC
    Composition is a crucial element in photography. It refers to the arrangement and organization of various visual elements within a frame to create a captivating and impactful image. A well-composed photograph can evoke emotions, tell stories, and engage viewers. Understanding and utilizing compositional techniques can greatly enhance the quality of…

  2. Can AI Make Art

    2023-01-21 19:38:38 UTC
    Over the last few months, the art world has been rocked by 2 innocuous letters, “AI”. The buzz has been felt throughout the internet and the photography community was one of the first to raise the alarm. AI or by its official name Artificial Intelligence has and will definitely change…

  3. Blue Skies are Boring

    2023-01-18 00:38:41 UTC
    For many people a beautiful,  powdery, blue sky is a sign of perfection. We all imagine opening our eyes to the warm glow of the morning sunlight.  Soon to be followed by a bright, slightly cloud peppered blue sky. In fact the promise of beautiful sunny days is what the…

  4. Back to Bay Street 2022

    2023-01-09 06:46:17 UTC
    People were counting down the days. It had been almost 2 years since we as a country had celebrated the sweet sound of  Boxing Day Junkanoo. For Bahamians Junkanoo is a time honored tradition that has been passed down to us from our African ancestry. It is rooted in the…

  5. The Paradise Island Bridges

    2022-10-11 01:47:00 UTC
    Paradise Island, located just off the shore of Nassau, Bahamas, is a tourist attraction best known for housing the famous resort Atlantis where people come from far and wide to take a break from their stressful lives. The 685 acre island is connected to the island of New Providence by…

  6. Independence Junkanoo Rush out

    2022-07-21 03:51:52 UTC
    After 2 years of lock downs due the COVID pandemic people were bursting with anticipation and on this 49th year day of independence  it all erupted on Bay Street in Nassau, The Bahamas.  Junkanoo for the Bahamas is the life blood of our cultural expression . It has been passed…

  7. All Roads Lead Albany

    2022-07-08 04:43:00 UTC
    Recently my family and I drove from Raleigh, North Carolina to Albany, New York. It was a 5 day trip which consisted of 4 flights, a Dodge van, 4 hotels stays, 6 states(North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York)and approximately 650 miles. We spent the bulk of…

  8. Quality or Quantity

    2021-10-26 22:48:00 UTC
    Selling your artwork on line is a challenging endeavor. You will find many experts and pundits espousing advice. They all claim to have the secret sauce that will catapult your online business to the next level. The first advice that they will give you is to upload quality  work.  To…

  9. Instagram is not for Photography

    2021-07-26 08:46:00 UTC
    For years I have had this debate with my fellow photographers about Instagram. In my opinion Instagram was never meant to be a platform for photography. It was not borne out of a love of photography like that of Flickr or other photography sharing sites. Those sites sought to engage…

  10. What Camera Do You Use

    2021-07-02 08:13:57 UTC
    The question I am asked the most is what camera do you use. Do you shoot Canon? What do you think about the new Sony system?  Is Nikon better than Canon? I am here to tell you that the camera you use in most cases means absolutely nothing.  What matters

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